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Tangent Office and Expedition Reports Library

Tangent is located in the hamlet of Slack Head on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Beetham to the south of the Lake District National Park (Cumbria). Lying to the south of Kendal it is within easy reach of Windermere, Ambleside and the central Lakes and ideally located for clients to call in and chat to us whilst visiting the Lake District. Over 20 years of involvement in researching, planning, guiding and consulting on all aspects of exploratory mountaineering and icecap crossings in east Greenland we have become the central focus to a quite extensive Greenland expedition community in the UK and throughout the world. With several thousand people now on our database we have unparalleled access to a wonderful group of people who share our love of Greenland and the outdoor and adventure opportunities that abound there. We not only have the resources to find like minded people for our own programme of Tangent led expeditions but the ability to put you in touch with others who might share a similar Greenland project idea with yourselves.

Tangent holds the World's greatest collection of information, maps, reports and notes relating to first ascents of new mountains in east Greenland. For anyone either planning or wishing to join an expedition to east Greenland this provides an invaluable resource. Over 20 years of collating and compiling mountaineering research relating to east Greenland has shown that many an expedition still lays claim to having made first ascents of peaks which have indeed been climbed by others. This is still being done by other expedition companies as a result of lack of research where an "instant high" of making a first ascent is often misleading. This is simply down to laziness on their behalf, where profit is more important than correct information and the clear necessity for years of dedicated and dogmatic research to back up such claims. At Tangent we know for a fact that certain areas currently being advertised as mountaineering and ski touring venues by other expedition companies DO NOT have first ascent opportunities of new and suitable peaks in the locations being described. We strongly advise that no expedition should ever set out for east and northeast Greenland making claims and promises of first ascents without first visiting our Library and talking at length with Paul Walker.


Greenland Heliski