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Gronau Nunatakker

Situated on the very edge of the vast Greenland icecap at 69.5 degrees N these ranges comprise of unclimbed peaks up to 3,000m.

Lying 60kms to the north of the Watkins Mountains they represent a logical step in our exploration of the marvellous and vast areas of unexplored peaks and glacier systems that surround the Watkins Mountains. A natural progression from our expeditions of 1999 and 2000 to the nearby Lindbergh Mountains.

Unsuitable for mixed climbing due to poor basalt rock.

  • Superb exploratory ski-touring and mountaineering up on the edge of the Greenland icecap.
  • Up to 800m vertical height gain from basecamps to summits.
  • Excellent views over the icecap.
  • Ideal time to visit - June to mid August

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