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Niels Holgersen Nunatakker

Ideal for easy ski touring exploration of large areas on largely easy angle glaciers.
Many easy grade ascents but with excellent opportunity for multi-pitch climbing on new routes.
All ascents will be first ascents up to 2,600m with vertical height gain up to 600m.
Excellent views over the Greenland icecap.
Ideal time to visit - mid May to mid July
Situated on the very edge of the vast Greenland icecap at 73 degrees N these ranges comprise some of the most northerly groups of unclimbed peaks in the arctic.

Undoubtedly these ranges, along with the nearby Martin Knudsen Nunatakker and Dronning Louise land to the north, receive the most realiable and settled high pressure weather systems of all the ranges we visit. Without being prone to the heavier falls of snow more asssociated with areas further to the south, this region enjoys long periods of stable weather with little new snow during late spring/summer providing ideal snow and ice climbing conditions on well consolidated faces and gulleys.

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