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Mountain Ranges

Tangent can offer mountaineering and ski touring advice, information and research on previous ascents and exploration in the following mountain ranges below. This service is only offered to groups joining Tangent led expeditions or for private and independent groups booking all inclusive travel and expedition logistics packages with Tangent Expeditions. The information available is the culmination of over 20 years of collating such information and from over 150 Tangent organised expeditions to these areas.
    Mont Forel, Caledonian Alps, Schweizerland Alps, Kronprins Frederik Bjerge, Kangerdlugssuaq Mountains, Lemon Mountains, Lindberg Fjelde, Gronau Nunatakker, Watkins Mountains, Knud Rasmussen Land (east Greenland), Camp Icefield ranges, Ejnar Mikkelsens Fjeld, Borgetinde, Rignys Bjerge, Volquart Boons Coast, Milne Land, Renland, Paul Stern Land, Liverpool Land, Staunings Alps,  Hinks Land, Charcott Land, Goodenough Land, Shackletons Bjerg, Petermanns Bjerg, Martin Knudsen Nunatakker, Niels Holgersen Nunatakker, Hvidbjorns Nunatakker, Louise Boyds Land, Dronning Louise Land.

Icecap Crossings

Tangent offers various ice cap crossing routes in Greenland. Some include east-west traverses whilst others involve more interesting journeys linking different mountain ranges in east and northeast Greenland. We have pioneered numerous new routes which have often involved combining wonderful icecap journeys with easy first ascents of new peaks on the edge of the icecap. There are still several new and exciting routes to be discovered and completed.
Tangent was the first guiding company to offer a successful kite assisted crossing of the icecap in 1999. Please contact Paul Walker for further information.

Dog Sled Expeditions

Dog sled expeditions have predominantly involved day journeys and the following of regular routes using huts for overnight stays. Although this remains popular in the Ammassalik district of east Greenland there is little activity going on in the areas further north in east and northeast Greenland. As well as some excellent coastal routes there are great opportunities for longer multi day journeys in and around the Scoresbysund Fjord region. We are also pioneering the combination of dog sled assisted expeditions where transport to and from mountain ranges can be made by dog sled and then combined with mountaineering or a ski touring phase.

Records/Previous Ascents

Tangent holds the world’s greatest collection of modern day mountaineering and ski touring expedition research for east and northeast Greenland. Please contact Paul to book an appointment to view and discuss the research available for your chosen area. Only available to groups booking Tangent organised logistics packages.

Mountain Names

It is not possible to formally name mountains in Greenland for which you have made the first ascent. Most of the maps available are of very poor quality and inaccurate detail and are unlikely to be produced in greater detail in the foreseeable years to come. However, Tangent does record the names and altitudes of all new peaks climbed and skied. This information then becomes the standard norm for other groups returning to the area, who out of respect tend to use the names first given by those making the first ascent.


Tangent offers a free meeting with all clients booking on a Tangent led expedition. This can either be done at our office in The Lake District or by booking an appointment at your home with Paul. If you have a private group wishing to carry out an expedition in Greenland then the following charges apply.
For a group visiting our offices between the hours of 9-5pm Monday to Friday: Free
As above, weekday evening meeting (2-3hrs):  £100 + vat
As above, weekend half day meeting:  £160 + vat
Paul Walker attending client address, midweek half day:  £240 + vat, plus 40p per mile travel expenses
As above, weekend half day:  £300 + vat, plus 40p per mile travel expenses
If a minimum group of 4 clients subsequently book an expedition logistics package with Tangent for that forthcoming season then all the above costs will be reimbursed in full.


For groups wishing to purchase specific mountaineering research information or climbing histories for specific mountain ranges this will be considered and charged on an individual basis. For all general expedition planning and consultancy work Tangent will charge an hourly rate of £40. This amount also applies to Independent groups who have used the services of Tangent staff to advise and help plan their expedition but have then withdrawn from carrying out such a project. Tangent reserves the right to also charge for costs and expenses incurred due to Tangent changing or adapting other logistics arrangements to suit an Independent group, who subsequently backs out of such an agreement prior to payment of deposit.

Greenland Heliski