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Bespoke Arctic Greenland Heliski/Heliboard Expedition

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Join Tangent Expeditions on a truly bespoke heliski adventure in northeast Greenland. This trip of a lifetime is offered by no other heliski or guiding company. Venture deep in to northeast Greenland to the remote mountains of Liverpool Land and Milne Land to where no other heli ski operators have the local knowledge and experience of Tangent Expeditions, the world’s leading Greenland expedition specialists.

Explore the largely un-skied peaks of Liverpool Land with 1000m descents to the coastal sea ice and fantastic views over the frozen Denmark Straits and ice locked ice bergs. The majority of peaks, though not high at typically 1000 to 1400m in height, have full powder conditions to sea level. A magnificent glaciated region with significantly more stable weather and finer visibility than the more humid southerly regions of Tasiilaq or Maniitsoq. More stable snow conditions, minimal avalanche risk, much greater daylight hours and colder drier conditions; all the elements of a perfect powder day in the Arctic! The ideal period: mid March to mid May.

For the ultimate heli ski adventure go where no one has ever yet been, the magnificent and incredible scenery and heli ski potential of Milne Land, one of the least explored and potentially best extreme Arctic heli ski locations in the world. Only a handful of descents have ever been made on this remote arctic island, which resembles the best of the Antarctic penninsula in every respect. Ski unlimited faces, ridges, bowls and couloirs between huge 2000m granite faces and spires, with descents of up to 2000m straight down on to the frozen fjords below. The absolute finest in extreme adventure heli skiing.

In 2007 Tangent director Paul Walker spent two days flying around this island in a privately chartered helicopter to research and photograph the previously unexplored potential of this amazing arctic wonderland. One day this region will become world renowned for it’s incredible extreme ski and mountaineering opportunities and big wall climbing potential. Until then, why not push the boat out and go where no one else has yet dared and have the true heli ski expedition of a lifetime! And if you’re lucky you may well see arctic fox, arctic hare, musk ox and even Polar Bear!

Tangent has been operating extreme expeditions in east and northeast Greenland for over 20 years and has an unparalleled history of firsts in Greenland mountaineering, expedition skiing, ski touring and extreme adventure expeditions. We have an excellent safety record with no accident or serious injury throughout our prolonged company history, a testament to the attention and detail we give to meticulous preparation, planning and execution of our expeditions. Please see our Expedition Firsts’ pages for further details.

Unlike other operators in Maniitsoq and Tasiilaq our helicopter charter hours include all the group. Other operators who use a smaller helicopter with only 4 passenger seats split the charter hours between two groups of 4, thus 12 hrs actually becomes 6 hours for each group. We use a larger 8 seat Bell 222 helicopter which can fly with all the group at the same time therefore doubling the number of flying hours and potential ski descents. Being the only helicopter available in northeast Greenland this helicopter is not specifically set up for heli skiing and therefore the landing sites will be on high plateaus and ice caps rather than more precarious cols and summits. This may mean that some short distances will need to be covered to get to the start of descent routes.

Snowmobile Assisted Ski/Snowboard Descents

As a cheaper alternative it is possible to have snow mobile assisted ski expeditions whereby snowmobiles are used to transport clients up glaciers and mountain sides to positions from which numerous first ski descents can be made. Unlike helicopters this means that the opportunities are limitless and you can ski as many lines as you can fit in to each day. The snow mobiles and their guides will remain with you throughout each day and be available from dawn until dusk, which in Greenland in the spring is a very long day indeed!

Greenland Heliski