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Safety Policy

Since the foundation of Tangent Expeditions in 1989 we have never had a serious accident other than minor cuts and bruises and mild frostbite. We are therefore very proud of our 100% safety record and do everything possible to maintain a safe code of practice in the mountains.

In the unfortunate circumstance of an accident occurring that requires casualty evacuation, this is likely to be carried out by a local helicopter or Twin Otter ski-plane. As with any other mountain environment, and especially with regard to the extremely remote nature of many of our expeditions, this is weather dependent and delays of several days may occur. Clients must therefore accept and acknowledge this risk in their booking application.

The Greenland authorities stipulate that all expeditions to Greenland must carry a 406mhz Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) or Personal Locator beacon (PLB). When activated this beacon sends out a signal via satellite to identify the approximate position of the party. At Tangent we do not feel that this alone gives sufficient backup and safety margin. We have therefore extended our safety policy to stipulate that every Tangent led expedition carries a GPS enabled LPB, complimented with both VHF marine band and VHF air band radios allowing voice communication with ships and aircraft as well. The latter provides access to high flying jets who can relay messages to the rescue services. Rocket flares, mini flares, smoke flares, hand flares and hand gun flares are also provided. Tangent owns several satellite telephones which are also available to our expeditions ensuring that this ultimate form of communication is available to all our groups.

All our expeditions carry firearms and ammunition as a precaution and deterrent against a polar bear encounter. We also provide each expedition with a base camp early warning trip wire system that alerts the group to the close presence of a Polar Bear. These are based upon a Lithium battery operated personal attack alarm, to reduce the risk of failure to activate due to moisture of similar blank shotgun cartridge systems that can be affected by damp and moisture. We also carry a range of flares as described above, as well as Pepper Spray. Since we began our operations in 1989 we have only had one previous encounter in which no one was injured and the bear was scared away using flares, but as part of our safety policy each expedition will always begin with a rifle training session using live rounds.

We do not allow ANY solo journeys or solo ascents to be made during Tangent expeditions. This is a general rule applied to all Greenland expeditions and is a stipulation laid down by the Greenlandic Authorities who are responsible for the granting of expedition permits. It is a stipulation of the permit.

To view our full Safety Policy and Risk Assessment policy please contact Tangent for access to the restricted area of our website.

Greenland Heliski